Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Amanda Van Nuys and the spinning wheel.

When I first broke the story "Moderation Team breaches LL privacy policy" I wrote "Amanda Van Nuys aka Amanda Linden and her moderation team have breached the Linden Lab privacy policy in retribution for me exposing the moderation team's abusive and discriminatory practices."

The reason I added Amanda's name is because she did know her mod's were violating the privacy policy. In fact, two community managers (the other will get her turn after I finish exposing Amanda's behavior) were aware of this through PM's and emails I sent to them. The first of which was on March 9th 2011 in response to this from Genn Moderator.

Dear Suspiria Finucane,

Thank you for participating in our community! However, your thread on March 9, 2011 was found to be in violation of Second Life guidelines. Please review the
posting guidelines and the Terms of Service

Additional violations could result in a ban from the site.

Here is a screen cap of your post: (continual posting of video threads all over the forum)

Thank you,
Genn Moderator

Yes IP is clearly visible.

I've scoured the TOS and the CPG and guess what? Posting videos is not a violation. Where are all these video threads Genn Moderator is referring to? In fact there is nothing anywhere regarding Genn Moderator's inadequate understanding of the guidelines yet I receive a warning for it. (more on that later) However, Genn Moderator deemed this video thread "in accordance" with some part of the guidelines that doesn't exist.  Video thread

When I asked Amanda Van Nuys to remove this violation she refused stating:

Friday, March 11, 2011 6:01 PM
"Amanda Van Nuys"

"Suspiria" <*******@yahoo.com>

You're insulting people. I read the posts.

Ummmmm Insulting who? A spammer?
Or maybe this warning from Genn Moderator?

Wow, is that the most blatant insult you've ever seen or what?  Could it be it's a violation because Genn Moderator has no concept of what the guidelines are or is it in fact Genn is uneducated in regards to the TOS and CPG due to poor leadership and training? Genn Moderator allows posts like these but mine is a flagrant violation when the Community Manager says they don't even know what the right levels of moderation are? Or is it because Amanda was breaching the privacy policy and decided to silence me for exposing it.

As you can imagine, I found this post by Amanda Van Nuys quite amusing as she lies through her teeth to shift blame away from herself as a Community Manager. Isn't a Community "Manager" responsible for the conduct of employees under their supervision?

Amanda Linden
Re: User IP Addresses Displayed in Screenshots Posted Online by Moderators
03-14-2011 08:36 AM
Hey all, Thanks so much for flagging this. I have let the moderators know that displaying this kind of personal information--in any form--including screenshots--is not acceptable. Please accept my personal apology. We are still working out the kinks re: moderation and greatly appreciate this kind of input. Stay patient with us while we work through the issues and find the right moderation levels--all with the ultimate purpose of having a lively, productive dialogue on Second Life.
Cheers, Amanda Linden

Ummm who flagged it 5 days earlier? And again 3 days earlier? And yet again 1 day earlier. Try reading your emails Amanda. How odd you don't know what the right moderation levels are but still hand out warnings like monopoly money for something not against the written guidelines. Why is Amanda issuing bans when she doesn't even know what is and what is not a violation?

Re: i ask again
nina Stepford 03-14-2011 09:09 PM
Whispering Hush wrote: Hi nina, Let me get this straight, you were banned for linking to another forum? wtf?
not in so many words. i was banned for 'harassment' of genn moderator, which was borne of this issue.

Amanda Van Nuys is incompetent, playing god and should not be a community manager. She knowingly allowed Genn Moderator to flagrantly harass me because I brought the IP issue up and that her moderator was unfit for the position due to a total lack of understanding of the CPG and the TOS. When I blog the next item Amanda screwed up it should make things perfectly clear that it's her time to depart the Lab.

Amanda, put your ego aside and atone for your mistakes. How sincere is your apology when you do not right all of the injustices you have committed?  Do something proactive and stop protecting a moderator who supports abusive posts by some people and issues warnings to other people for innocuous posts.
Tomorrow could end up being a real hum-dinger...stay tuned....